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Learn about the entrepreneurs behind the growth.
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Why Does
Evolution Capital
Focus on Entrepreneurs?

Why Evolution Capital

  • For Our Capital
  • For Our Consulting
  • For Our Corporate Process
  • For Our Connections
  • For your Control
  • For Your Credit Score
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Frequently Asked Questions

Find out if private equity funding is right for your business and what Evolution Capital Partners can do to help.
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Guiding Evolutionary Businesses

As small business consultants, we work with business owners to transform and scale their business to the next level.

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Evolutionary Capital

Evolution partners with established, profitable small
businesses with investment sizes ranging
between $2 - $10 million.

Join The Second Stage Discussion

A weekly radio show hosted by our co-founders to exchange ideas and best practices with entrepreneurs looking to grow their business
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What Does Evolution
Capital Partners
Bring to Business

Investing With Evolution

Evolution offers a back-to-basics approach for strategic value creation, along with refined reporting metrics, hands-on management, and rigorous risk mitigation controls.

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Our Growth

Review case studies of second stage companies we work with.
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Meet The Team

Our leadership team, which consists of entrepreneurs, shares a genuine heart for helping business owners get “unstuck” and back on track.Read More >>

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Success Stories

Resource Center

  • Title: Brief Description:
    The Science of Small Business The role of the entrepreneur in the American economy is tremendous, with small businesses accounting...  read more>>
    The Evolutionary Process   Overcome obstacles on the road to success by implementing The 5 Pillars of Business Freedo...  read more>>
    Evolutionary Capital: From "Established" to "Growth" By combining growth capital, consulting, and operational expertise, along with meticulous dedication...  read more>>
    5 Pillars of Business Freedom Running a business is not easy. What is easy is suddenly finding yourself caught up in the day-to-...  read more>>
  • Title: Brief Description:
    Evolutionary Capital Can Take Your Business to the Next Level Evolutionary capital is for companies that are on the edge of something big. Something exciting. Som...  read more>>
    Pillar #5 – Creating a Culture of Accountability The fifth of the 5 Pillars of Business Freedom is Accountability. Ensure your business moves forward...  read more>>
    Pillar #4 – Fostering Transparency Within Your Team The fourth of the 5 Pillars of Business Freedom is Transparency. Earn the trust of your team by maki...  read more>>
    Pillar #3 - Hiring the Right People The third of the 5 Pillars of Business Freedom is people. You need the right people in the right sea...  read more>>
  • Title: Brief Description:
    Evolution Capital Partners – A Different Kind of Private Equity Evolution provides capital, coupled with a strategic framework to help transform an established, pro...  read more>>
    What Makes Evolution Different? ...  read more>>
    AM&AA Conference: Generating a Better Deal Jeff Kadlic, co-founder and managing partner, participated on a panel at the AM&AA's Spring 2013...  read more>>
    AM&AA Conference: Idiosyncrasies of Lower Middle Market Deals Jeff Kadlic, co-founder and managing partner, participated in the AM&AA's Fall 2013 Buyouts West...  read more>>
  • Title: Brief Description:
    Axial Webinar: The 5 Pillars of Business Growth Brendan Anderson, co-founder and managing partner, presented this webinar with Axial on the 5 strate...  read more>>
  • Title: Brief Description:
    Six Obstacles Faced by Every Fast-Growth Company Evolution’s Research Partner, Gary Kunkle, shared his extensive research and insights on identifyi...  read more>>
    Why Choose Evolution? Sooner or later, every small business reaches the same critical inflection point.  That little comp...  read more>>
    Investing with Evolution Over the past four years, the weekly parade of negative Wall Street headlines spanning the mortgage ...  read more>>
    Is Evolution Capital Partners the Right Partner For You? At Evolution Capital Partners, “partner” means just one thing – everything.  “Partner” fo...  read more>>
  • Title: Brief Description:
    Business Operating Systems Many entrepreneurs feel that if they put enough hours and hustle into their business, they will be s...  read more>>
    Peer Communities Learn best practices, be held accountable to a respected group of peers and surround yourself with t...  read more>>
    The Evolution Bookshelf Suggested reading from the Evolution team to help lead, grow and transform your organization. Aw...  read more>>
    Value Creation: The Business Owner's Guide to Getting Started Dedication to process is one of the most important factors when it comes to value creation, but is...  read more>>